Different allocation types for absences

Learn how to apply a variety of allocation types for an absence

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Disclaimer on allocation procedures in Indigo Attendance

The following examples are for informational purposes only and are not intended to convey or constitute legal or any other advice. They are not substitutes for advice from a qualified professional. Please consult your company's legal agency or human resource department before applying allocations.

Applying no actions to an absence

If you want to resolve an attendance exception without applying any actions or penalties to an employee's pay or leave balance:

For salaried employees, click Mark as resolved.

For hourly paid employees:

  1. Type in the total absence balance in the Alloc. time field.

  2. Under Adjust balance, select Absence.

  3. Under Type, select Allocate time.

  4. Select Add basic hours.

  5. Click Save.

Applying monetary deduction

You can apply a monetary deduction at a rate per hour, or euros per min, hour, or shift. You must also select a pay item which will be shown on the employee's payslip. 

Applying a change of hourly rate

The affected shift's rate of pay can be adjusted or multiplied based on the amount of time set in the Alloc. time field. 

Applying a deduction of leave

Leave balances can be deducted from an employee according to the amount set in Alloc. time. You must select the leave type before applying this allocation.  You can also use By Priority and the system will allow you to select the leave type which has the highest priority.

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