Set up New Leave Types

Configure Different Types of Leave

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Leave Types can be accessed by clicking on "Leave Types" in the Payroll tab.

What are Leave Types?

Leave Types define the different types of leave employees can avail themselves of.

What are Leave Types used for?

Once configured, Leave Types can be subscribed to Leave Entitlement Profiles which can in turn be assigned, and made available to employees.

Adding Leave Types

To add a new leave type, click on the "Insert" icon at the top left side of the screen.

The following screen will then pop up, asking for details about the new leave type.

  • Code: A unique reference code for the Leave Type

  • Type: A description of the Leave Type

  • Leave group: Assign leave type to a group to allow users to apply for leave by group or type. Leave Type Priorities use this grouping to prioritise between types.

  • Rate: The rate against the hourly pay this leave type will be paid

Termination balance: Choose whether Leave Type balance should be paid upon employee termination:

  • None - outstanding leave balance will not be paid;

  • Pro-rata - Pro-rata leave balance is paid on termination;

  • Full balance - The full outstanding leave balance is paid on termination

  • Pay off balance at end of year: Select to pay off any remaining leave balance at the Payroll End of Year process.

  • Pay off pay item: A pay item of type 'Adjustment' and of payment basis 'Contribution' to be used by the system when creating the pay off entry

  • Leave entry pay item: A pay item of type 'Leave' to be used when creating the leave entry

  • Carry forward leave balance: Select to carry forward the leave balance to the new payroll year.

  • Specify entitlement: Select whether the employer needs to specify entitlement for this leave type.

  • Priority order: Leave type priority. Higher priority leave must be used first.

  • Approve from: Leave can be approved as of this date

  • Approve to: Leave can be approved until this date

  • Request from: Leave can be requested as of this date

  • Request to: Leave can be requested until this date

Benefit type: Select the benefits triggered by this leave type:

  • None - This leave type does not trigger any short term benefits;

  • Sickness benefit - This leave type triggers the sickness short term benefit;

  • Injury benefit - This leave type triggers the injury short-term benefit.

  • Create pro-rata entitlement with new employee? (True/False) - If this is true, should this leave type be part of the employee's 'Leave entitlement profile', a leave entitlement for this leave type will be created pro-rata automatically

  • Public holiday: Select if Leave Type is for a public holiday

Once done, click on "Save" at the top left side of the screen.

Upon creating a new leave type, a priority will be assigned to it. It may be the case that certain leave types require a higher priority than others. Leave Type Priorities can be accessed by clicking on the right-most button.

Tip: Copy & Paste a Similar Leave Type, and change the Code & Description.

Making use of New Leave Types

You will need to add this particular leave type to the Leave Entitlement Profile so you can use it on the system.

To do so go to the following:

  • Payroll Menu (Left Menu)

  • Leave Entitlement Profile

  • Highlight "Standard" (or the Employee's current Leave Entitlement Profile)

  • Click on the "Hours" tab on the top right

  • Press +

  • Add the Leave type you just created

  • Save

Once you press save this entitlement will be enabled on the system and you may add it to employee's entitlements.

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