To resolve an issue in your imported clocking data:

  1. In the Clockings Data screen, select the dates you wish to review.

  2. Find an employee with a clocking issue, and then click the pen icon to open the Edit clocking pair window.

  3. Amend the clocking data, then click Save.

After clicking Save, the missing clocking data tag will be removed. The name of the administrator or user who modified the clocking data will be listed. 

Unresolved issues in Clocking Data are reported also in the Attendance Exceptions screen, where you can make allocations for the time missed.

Remember to recalculate allocations in the Attendance Exceptions screen if you change any data in the Clocking Data screen.

You can also generate reports on all missing clockings and other clocking issues in the Punches Exceptions Report screen.

After resolving issues in the clocking data screen, you can:

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