How to Reprocess Night Shifts

Learn how to reprocess clocking data to properly register your scheduled night shift presets

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How to reprocess night shifts

  1. Go to Attendance > Main > Clocking Data.

  2. Select the dates of the shifts you wish to reprocess night shifts for.

  3. Click File in the toolbar, then click Reprocess Night Shifts.

  4. In the confirmation box, click Yes.

Amend missing clocking data before reprocessing night shifts to help Indigo reprocess shifts. Indigo does not reprocess shifts which were clocked until 23:59 as a result of a missed clock out by the employee.

Be sure that your employees are assigned to work schedule profiles that are enabled as Works night shift in order for the reprocessing of night shifts to work properly.

Before reprocessing night shifts, you can:

After reprocessing night shifts, you can:

What does reprocessing night shifts do?

The reprocessing night shifts function will count shifts which span two days as one shift in your clocking records and payroll data. 

The screenshot below shows an example of a night shift. It starts at 19:00 on one day and end at 7:00 on the next day, with a break from 1:00-2:00. Reprocessing this shift in your clocking data will register it as one completed 11-hour shift instead of one five-hour shift (19:00-23:59) and one six-hour shift (00:00-1:00, 2:00-7:00) on two separate days.  

If an employee with a night shift fails to complete the final clock out, Indigo will not reprocess that shift as a night shift. Instead, a missing clocking tag will appear in your clocking data.

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