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Customising and saving grid data layouts

Customise and save your workspace in Indigo to show you the data you want to see.

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You can fully customise how data in your Indigo system is presented to you in your workspace by using the Column Selector option. Any page in Indigo that offers the Toggle Grid Options button in the functions bar will allow you to choose the columns you want to see in that page.

Toggle Grid Options button:

Column Selector button:

You can then save your customised layout by clicking Save. Clicking Apply will only apply the customised layout for the current use of the page.

To customise and save your workspace columns in an Indigo page:

  1. Click on the Toggle Grid Options button in the functions bar.

  2. Click on the Column Selector button in the sub-menu.

  3. In the Column Selector pop-up window, select the columns you want visible in your workspace.

  4. Click Save.

If your workspace changes in the future, and you want to load the state you had saved previously, click the Toggle Grid Options button and then click Load State to load your saved workspace.

Load State button:

You can also:

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