Set up Reallocation profiles

Reallocation profiles allow you to split employee costs between cost centres, either by percentage or by a set value.

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Before using reallocation profiles, you need to enable reallocations by cost centre in Indigo's settings.

To create a reallocation profile

  1. From Indigo, go to Payroll & Leave > Payroll Setup > Reallocation Profiles.

  2. Click Insert (+ icon) in the functions bar. 

  3. Enter the details of the reallocation profile.

  4. Click Save (check mark icon).

There are up to three types of reallocations for each pay item:

  • None – no reallocation will be made in this reallocation profile.

  • Per [pay item] transaction cost centre – a reallocation will be made for each pay item entry according to its cost centre.

  • Per employee percentage – a reallocation will be made based on a percentage set in the employee profile. 

You can reallocate the following pay values:

  • Basic hours

  • Leave pay

  • SSC

  • Tax

  • Share options tax

  • Maternity leave fund

  • Pay items

  • Overtime pay

Only one pay value needs a reallocation option in each reallocation profile.

These reallocations are reported when you generate a payroll report.

Editing a reallocation profile

To edit a reallocation profile:

  1. Go to the Reallocation Profiles page.

  2. Click on a reallocation profile, and then click Edit (pen icon) in the functions bar.

  3. Make the changes to the profile.

  4. Click Save (check mark icon)

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