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Set up a Pay Item Taxation Profile
Set up a Pay Item Taxation Profile

Learn about this support file which links tax rates to your pay items

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The pay item taxation profile is a support file which link tax rates to a pay item. It is mainly used for the overtime concessions rates as prescribed in Malta's 2020 budget changes

You can create new pay item taxation profiles.

Creating a pay item taxation profile

  1. From Indigo, go to Payroll & Leave > Payroll Setup > Pay Item Taxation Profiles.

  2. Click Insert in the functions bar. 

  3. Enter the details of the pay item taxation profile. 

  4. Click on Save.

Required details

  • Description - enter a description about the pay item taxation profile.

  • Payment type - select the payment type of the pay item: basic pay - hourly paid, basic pay - salary, fringe benefit, overtime, leave pay, or adjustment.

  • Pay item taxation profile based on - select on what the pay item taxation profile will be based.

  • Payment type - select whether the pay item is a weekly or yearly payment type.

  • FSS status - select the FSS status for the pay item: main, part-time, or both.

You can then select the employment types to which this pay item taxation profile will apply. 

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