Indigo Payroll includes other types of leave that can be given to your employees:

  • Parental leave

  • Marriage leave

  • Birth of child leave

  • Bereavement leave

  • Unpaid leave

  • Study leave

  • Shut down leave

  • Public holiday leave

  • (Others, such as adoption, court witness leave, and more, can be made by creating leave types.)

These types of leave are often given on request. Therefore, it is not necessary to give these leave types globally to all employees in your system.

To apply one of these types of leave to your employee, you first need to entitle the leave to the employee:

  1. In the left sidebar of Indigo, click on Payroll.

  2. In the Main section, click on Employees.

  3. Click on the employee to whom you want to give the leave type.

  4. Click on the Leave entitlements tab.

  5. Click on Insert + in the functions bar.

  6. Enter the leave type and the entitlements hours.

  7. Click Save in the functions bar.

Now, you can enter this leave for the employee:

  1. In the Main section of Indigo Payroll, click on Leave.

  2. Click on Insert + in the functions bar. 

  3. Enter the applicant and the dates from and to.

  4. Enter the leave type. You do not need to select a leave group.

  5. Enter the remaining details as needed, and then click Submit.

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