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Scheduler costings and shift values
Scheduler budgeting in Attendance; enabling the feature
Scheduler budgeting in Attendance; enabling the feature

The budgeting feature in Indigo helps you allocate shifts per cost centre within predetermined costs and hours

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Budgeting is a feature in Indigo Attendance that allows you to set a cost or hours budget for particular cost centres in your system. When this feature is enabled and after you calculate costs for a week in your Scheduler, you will see the budgeted and scheduled costs and hours worked out and presented as net costs and hours.

Before enabling budgeting, you need to enable costings in Indigo Attendance.

Enabling budgeting in Indigo Attendance

  1. In Indigo, go to Attendance > Setup > Budgeting.

  2. Click on Edit (pen icon) in the functions bar. 

  3. Tick the box next to Enable Budgeting, and then select either Hours Budgeting, Monetary Budgeting, or both.

  4. Click Save (check mark icon) in the functions bar.

You can now create new budget parameters for your Scheduler. 

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