You can remove the basic hours details from employees' payslips. Doing this will remove the units and values at which the basic pay was calculated on the employees' final payslip. 

The basic pay details will still be available for you to see in the payslip preview panel of the Payrolls page.

To hide basic hours details from employees' payslips:

  1. In the left sidebar of Indigo, click on Payroll.

  2. In the Main section, click on Settings.

  3. Click on Payroll in the left sidebar, and then click on General Settings.

  4. Click on Edit (pen icon) in the functions bar.

  5. Tick the box next to Hide Basic Hours Details from Payslip.

  6. Click Save (check mark icon) in the functions bar.

The details of the basic hours pay will be hidden from the final payslip after you run and finalise the next payroll. If you want to hide basic hour details from payslips already generated, you will need to regenerated these payslips again.

Showing basic hours details on employee payslips will look like this:

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