You might have a situation where you must set the basic pay of a salary based employee to 0 without making use of unpaid leave. To do this you will be heading to your calculation screen and highlighting the employee in question.

Take note of the amount of units displayed on the calculation payslip on the right side of the screen. 

Next you will click on the basic pay tab and press the + symbol.

You will then input as follows:

Date - Any date within the posting dates will do.
Number of Hours - Input the total amount of units you took note of earlier.
Hourly Rate - Input the Hourly Rate as 0 as we will be replacing the 173.33 units from it's salary based hourly rate to a 0 hourly rate.
Regular Basic Hrs. - Set this to "Replace" as we will be replacing and not adding more units.

This will then give you the desired result of 0 basic pay on a salary based employee. 

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