Scheduled hours analysis

Maximize your available scheduling hours by using the breakdown of employees' basic hours, leave hours, and overtime in the Scheduler

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As you allocate shifts into the Scheduler, Indigo Attendance adds up basic hours and vacation hours automatically and totals them under the Basic hrs/Overtime column on the right side of the screen.

The top item in the Basic hrs/Overtime column is the total number of hours scheduled for the employee (basic hours + leave).

The second item below is the number of overtime hours allocated to the employee as determined by overtime rewards in your shift presets.

Seeing the scheduled hours analysis

Click on the top row of the cell you want to view. 

  • Basic hours - the total number of basic hours scheduled for the employee.

  • Leave hours - the total number of leave hours for the employee (leave records must first be imported into the Scheduler).

  • Total - the sum of the basic and leave hours for the employee.

  • Standard weekly hours - the total number of hours assigned to the employee according to their work schedule profile.

  • Difference - the sum of the total hours minus the standard weekly hours for the employee. You can use this number to determine if you have allocated the correct number of hours for the employee that week.

The pop-up box will notify you of any public holidays occurring that week.

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