Indigo allows you to write custom remarks on finalised and delivered payslips. This can be done globally for all employees' payslips within a given payroll period or individual payslips.

Both global and individual remarks can appear together in one payslip.

Remarks can only be entered when the payroll is unfinalised. If you want to add remarks to a finalised payroll, you will need to unfinalise it first. The remarks you enter on payslips will remain even if you unfinalise and recalculate payrolls.

If you are looking to add your company's logo to your payslips, please go to this article.

Add remarks to all payslips in a payroll

Global remarks to all payslips in a payroll period can be made when creating the payroll period itself.

To add a remark to all payslips in a payroll period:

  1. Go to create a new payroll period or edit an existing one in you Payrolls page.

  2. In the Payslip Comments box at the bottom of the page, write your remark.

  3. Click on Save (check mark button) in the functions bar.

Add remarks to individual payslips

If you want to add personal remarks to a specific employee's payslip, you can do so during the payroll calculation process.

To add a personal remark to a payslip, go the payroll calculation page and click on an employee from your list.

In the pay calculation preview window on the right-side of the page, enter your remarks under Remarks.

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