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What are “company codes” in Indigo, and where do I find them?
What are “company codes” in Indigo, and where do I find them?
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Company codes in Indigo are user-generated codes used to identify the company using and being represented in the Indigo Suite. Each company in Indigo acts as a separate “installation” of the Indigo Suite software and include their own set of employees, banking information, and other support files.

Whether you use the indigo-testing environment or a live Indigo environment for the purpose of reading, calling, inserting, or deleting APIs, you will need to enter the company code found in the Administration page of Indigo in the Postman environment settings.

To find the company code in Indigo, click on Administration, and then on Companies in the Main section.

It is important to keep in mind which company code you are using when calling APIs as the company data you intend to use is ascribed to that company code.

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