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Reactivating a previously terminated employee
Reactivating a previously terminated employee

Learn how to reactivate an employee, such as one that you've rehired or re-employed, in your system.

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A terminated employee and their relevant and pertinent data (payslips, leave, tax records, and so on) never leave the system. Thus, you can make this employee active once again in Indigo without having to rebuild their entire profile. This is great if you rehire someone who was previously employed in your company.

Reactivating an employee who was previously terminated in your system requires you to copy and paste the terminated profile into a new profile, where you can then make the necessary modifications.

Reactivating a previously terminated employee

  1. Go to the Employees page.

  2. Find the terminated employee.

  3. With the employee selected from the list, click on Copy and Paste in the functions bar.

  4. Change important employment details such as a new code, an employment date, employment type, work schedule profile, and more. Be sure to remove or change the termination date from the copied profile.

  5. Click on Save (check mark button) to finish

Please note that if the employee was terminated before the current payroll year, you will need to turn off the Active This Year system filter in the sidebar.

Next, you can:

  • Enter previous employment records for the employee in order to record earned emoluments from a previous employment in the same year as the employee's year of engagement.

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