How to generate a Scheduler Export report

Using the Scheduler Export report

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The Scheduler Export report creates an Excel spreadsheet that includes raw shift preset data from your Scheduler.

Generating a Scheduler Export report

  1. Go to Attendance > Reporting > Scheduler Export report.

  2. Select your Scheduler dates and other reporting options.

  3. Click on Generate to generate the report.

You can filter your report by employee by selecting employees in the data grid.

Options for this report include:

  • Dates From/To: select the date range required.

  • Employee Type: choose from Company Employees, Sub-Contracted Employees, or Both.

  • Costings Type: choose from None, Summary, or Detailed. Summary shows the default report with an extra column for Total Cost; Detailed will include a full breakdown of costs for each scheduler.

  • When Costings Type is set to either Summary or Detailed, the Include employee costings option becomes available. This is left unticked by default. When selected, a second worksheet is generated in the Excel file named 'EmployeeCostings' containing the total costings per employee for all schedulers included in the first worksheet of the report.
    A warning is also given reminding the user to calculate or recalculate costs for the required period from the Scheduler so as to update the report with the latest figures.

If you want Indigo to remember the settings for this report for future uses, check the Remember generated report settings under Actions.

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