16th December 2020

Indigo | Head count and contributions reports, visual fixes for the Scheduler, and updates to FS3 files

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Season's greetings!

Today we are pleased to present to you Indigo, the twenty-third major release of the Indigo Suite this year.

In today's update, you will find enhancements to two reports from Indigo Payroll: the head count report and the contributions report. Indigo Attendance received more design enhancements that can be found in the header area of the Scheduler.

You will also find a number of tweaks and improvements throughout the platform that provide for an even smoother user experience for your day-to-day business needs.

Plus, your system is updated with the following SSC and other tax rates for 2021:

  • Social Security Contributions for 2021, according to the Commissioner for Revenue.

  • Short-term benefit rates (sick leave and injury leave balances).

  • Date ranges in pay item taxation profiles related to overtime concession.

Finally, we are pleased to unveil the Shireburn Academy, our on-demand learning platform that we hope will be of use for users both novice and experienced. More on that down below!

Please read on to learn more about the enhancements and improvements made in this version of the Indigo Suite.


Shireburn Academy (BETA): our on-demand learning platform

Ready for online learning? Over the past few months, we have been hard at work to develop the Shireburn Academy, our on-demand video collection with tutorials about using the Indigo Suite.

The Academy is perfect for new or novice users of the Indigo Suite, where viewers can learn how to use Indigo's functionalities.

The BETA version of the Academy includes video lessons and instructions on how to use Indigo Payroll, including getting to know how to use Indigo, setting up employee profiles, managing leave, running payrolls, and utilising the Employee Portal. The player will save your progress, allowing you to return to where you left off at anytime.

You can access the Academy through the help link in your Indigo platform as shown above, or by following this link.

More video on practices and functionalities both advanced and basic are in the works, so stay tuned!
Happy learning!

Indigo Platform enhancements

  • The FS3 file format for electronic lodgements has been updated with 2020 requirements related to overtime tax concessions and director fees.

  • BOV SEPA file updated to meet the 1 January 2021 requirements for SCT rules applicable to transactions from/to non-EEA jurisdictions also applicable to SCT transactions with the UK.

Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • Two new columns under the employee section in the contributions report are available: Share Options Tax and OT Tax. The "Tax column has been renamed to "FSS Tax".

  • You can now filter data for your head count reports by employees. A new Employees tab is available in the report's setup page, allowing you to filter employees by name, employment type, department, grade, cost centre, and more.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • An issue where the total SSC is incorrect following an employee working more than their usual hours on a user-created cost centre has been fixed. SSC will accurately report in this situation as expected.

  • Issues with FS3 and FS7 reports generating incorrectly have been fixed.

  • Recalculating an employee's pay in payrolls works as expected.

  • A "Calculation Advance Payment Warning" messages replaces an "Undefined Warning" message that follows an error made in the advanced payment tab.

  • Issues with invalid gross to date figures being reported on payslips have been fixed.

  • Errors in the leave request audit caused by sorting entries by leave group have been fixed.

  • Full-time equivalent values in the head count report are rounded correctly.

  • The Leave page refreshes to its proper full-page view after a user closes the bottom leave request audit panel.

  • Issues with incorrect overtime concessions values reported in FSS reports have been fixed.

  • VAT registration and NACE codes required when creating new Indigo companies.

  • Issues with running the final payroll of the year caused by an error with the OT concession tax flag have been fixed.

  • Ordering the adjustments report by employee name works as expected.

Indigo Time & Attendance enhancements

  • A number of design adjustments and enhancements have been made to the header area of the Scheduler.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Leave imported into the Scheduler with errors will bear the issue flag (exclamation point) as expected.

  • Double-clicking on a shift in the Scheduler will open the shift preset's settings page as expected.

  • An issue where the "Offset start day" checkbox was missing when entering a shift pattern in the Scheduler has been fixed.

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