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How to change or reset Indigo passwords
How to change or reset Indigo passwords

This articles describes how to change your password or how to reset your password if you have forgotten it

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A note on changing or resetting passwords

Indigo passwords can be changed or reset either by the users themselves or by system administrators. The Shireburn support team cannot change passwords for users or administrators on their behalf.

If you are a system administrator and need to change another user's password, please click here for those instructions.

How to change the Indigo password as a user

You as a user of the Indigo Employee Portal can change your password in the My Profile screen. This screen can be accessed either through the Profile widget or through the profile icon in the top-right corner.

When changing your password, you will be required to enter your current password before creating a new one.

The composition of your password must meet the minimum requirements set either by Indigo's default password policy or by the custom policy of your system administrator. (Indigo system administrators can learn how to create custom password policies in this article).

Indigo's default password policy includes the following minimum requirements:

  • 8 minimum characters

  • 1 uppercase character

  • 1 lowercase character

  • 1 number

  • 1 special character

Example: Test&123

How to reset your password

If you are unable to log in to your Employee Portal because you have forgotten your password, you can initiate the password reset process by clicking on Forgot your password? on the login screen.

You will receive instructions on the email address connected to your Indigo user.

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