The employee schedule report in Indigo Attendance allows you to export shift data from your Scheduler to a spreadsheet. The report is a replication of shifts data found in your Scheduler, and shift data can be grouped by occupations, cost centre, department, section, or unit.

To create an employee scheduler report, go to Attendance > Reports > Employee schedule report.


Date from/to

Choose the data range that this report will cover.

Sort order

Choose if you want to sort employees in the report by employee code or alphabetically by employee full name.

Report remarks

Add remarks that you want to include in this report. Report remarks appear at the bottom of the report.


Group levels 1, 2, and 3

Choose how you want employee schedule data to be grouped in the report: by occupation, cost centre, department, section, or unit.

When ready to generate the report, click on Generate Data Only As Excel. You also have the option to e-mail the report by using the Send Report button.

If you want Indigo to remember the settings for this report for future uses, check the Remember generated report settings at the bottom of the report setup panel.

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