The Leave Write-Off utility

This utility in Indigo lets you write off leave for individual employees in your roster.

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The Leave Write-Off utility in Indigo is used to remove a leave type from an individual employee without paying off said leave type. (The global leave write-off/pay-off utility lets you pay off leave for multiple employees at one time.)

The Leave Write-Off utility is found in the Leave section of Payroll and Leave.

To create a new leave write-off, click on Insert (+) in the functions bar.

  • Employee: enter the employee name or code for whom you want to write off leave.

  • Leave type: enter the leave type that you want to write off for the selected employee.

  • Date: enter the data in which the leave write-off will be effective.

  • No. of hours: enter the number of hours to write off for the selected leave.

  • Remarks: enter any relevant remarks you wish to add for the leave write-off. Remarks appear in the leave history report.

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