28th May 2021

Indigo | Attendance Reconciliation Report, FS5 report accessibility, updated methods for penalties, and performance optimizations

Written by Walter Psaila
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Indigo is here and comes loaded with a number of improvements and fixes for both the Payroll and Attendance modules.

This version of Indigo introduces a new T&A Attendance Reconciliation report giving you the ability to reconcile employee attendance for a particular period of time based on the allocations done within T&A. It also includes improved FS5 reporting accessibility, and performance optimisations for Payroll calculation and finalisation and Attendance Send to Payroll functionality.


Indigo Platform enhancements

  • A new set of permissions will be deployed for new tenants providing a prepared list of accessibility permissions related to reporting, leave, payroll, wages and T&A scheduler.

Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • Performance of the payroll calculation and finalisation has been improved following a number of optimisations included with this release.

  • A new section for Payslip settings section has been introduced with the Payroll Settings page whereby all settings related to the payslip have been consolidated under a single tab.

  • FS5 reporting accessibility has been improved and a new FS5 menu item has been added to the reporting menu in the main payroll screen.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Pro-rata paid leave is calculated correctly as expected.

  • Issue when posting a number of subsequent leave entries from Leave audit screen has been resolved.

  • The cursor focus on the Full Name name column is now being maintained within the Payroll Calculation screen.

  • When regenerating Direct Credit runs, the correct number of payments is being displayed as expected.

  • The payslip preview within the Payroll Calculation screen is now being updated to reflect the changes to the calculation.

  • Issue when auditing employee profile image and employee attachment changes has been resolved.

  • A permission error message that appeared after loading the leave cancellation window in the Employee Portal has been removed.

  • When the 'Grouped Basic Hours for SSC Calculation' setting is enabled, the employee's 'Basic Hour Week Setup' tab is getting disabled as expected.

  • Amounts columns are now being populated when exporting the Adjustments Report to Excel.

  • FS5 documents can now be deleted after deleting/cancelling related FS7.

  • The Get Payslips API has been improved to exclude deleted payslips from the result set.

  • Improved API response structure when CompanyCode or InstallationCode validations fail.

Indigo Attendance enhancements

  • NEW! A new report is available in Time & Attendance. The Attendance Reconciliation Report allows you to reconcile employee attendance for a particular period of time based on the allocations done within T&A.

  • Absence, late arrival, and early departure penalties can be now be configured by two different methods: slicing and range. Read more here.

  • Performance and speed enhancements for the send to payroll functionality have been made.

  • The T&A mobile app permission set and permissions are now being deployed to all new and existing tenants.

Indigo Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Assigned Rewards/Penalties displayed when viewing schedule details are now shown as ticked, and users can easily untick rewards/penalties or add new ones.

  • Allocated basic hours are now showing in the Allocation Report as expected.

  • Deleting allocations after navigating to them using the arrow keys on the keyboards works again.

  • Punches within the tolerance period are being auto-corrected as expected.

  • Handling of duplicate punches validation when importing clocking data has been improved.

  • Device names assigned by users in the import clocking data screen are now being saved.

  • When allocating excess time as overtime and user inputs the rate per hour, allocation is now being allowed to be saved.

  • When having a reward with condition set as "Break", the reward is now triggering correctly when the clocking overlaps the break time.

  • System is now calculating the cost correctly when editing overtime values.

  • When you recalculate T&A allocations for a whole month, this will now produce all penalties just as when you recalculate week by week.

  • Cost centres for detached shifts are now being displayed as expected.

  • When using the scheduler to 'cut' a conflicting shift from an employee and 'paste' the shift on another employee, the conflict issue is now being cleared.

  • Fixed issue related to replace of basic hours when sending data to payroll for employee having a salary increase for the period included in the send to payroll date range.

  • A minor UI fix has been implemented in the rewards screen whereby the 'selected' drop down list is only displayed when the condition is "Works on specific shifts".

  • T&A pattern offsets starting from the pattern's 8th day onwards are now working correctly as expected.

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