16th June 2021

Indigo | Indigo, refreshed: new colours and updated buttons, interfaces, and logos.

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Welcome to your refreshed Indigo Suite

This is a very special update for us, as we unveil the new look of your Indigo Suite. We are thrilled to present the new colours and branding scheme for your Indigo Payroll and Attendance systems.

We believe that you will enjoy the fresh palette of colours. The updated colours, buttons, user interfaces, and logos are all in line with the rebranding of the Indigo website, unveiled earlier this year.

Our objective with the revamped look was to give Indigo a sharper and cleaner look. The sharpness of the interface text against our brand's shades of blue, whites, and, of course, indigo colours gives your payroll and time and attendance software and even more professional yet still engaging feel. We think that these comforting, cool colours will make Indigo as pleasing to eye to as it is pleasing to your day-to-day workflow.

Every page in Indigo has been given a fresh coat of paint. We have even given new life to some of the icons and buttons in the functions bar and elsewhere in the system.

The UI refresh stretches across the entire Indigo platform, including Indigo Attendance, the settings, calendar, and administration pages.

Read more about our refresh on our Indigo blog space.

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