Scheduler and Clocking Widgets

Use the Employee Portal to view your scheduled shifts, clock in and out, and leave clocking remarks

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The Scheduler widget

From the Scheduler widget you can view your scheduled shifts, and your clockings if applicable.

  • Click on the Scheduler tab to check your schedule, in either a day or a week view.

  • Click on the Clockings tab to review your clockings in and out, as well as any missed clockings. This is also available to view by day or week. The total time clocked for the day is shown under the date picker. NOTE: The Clockings tab is only visible if the administrator has given you viewing permission.

In both the Schedule and Clockings tabs, you can choose to view a specific date using the date picker.

The Clocking widget

The Clocking widget allows you to clock in and out of your shift at the click of a button. Access to this widget is granted by the administrator.

Clocking In

  • Click the green play button to clock in at the start of your shift.

  • While a clocking is active, the play button will be greyed out and the stop button will show in colour. The timer in between the start and stop buttons will count up in hours and minutes, and a loading circle will rotate outside it.

  • Below the digital clock, a message will display what time you clocked in.

Clocking Out

  • Click the red stop button when you are ready to clock out.

  • The stop button will then be greyed out while the play button will show in colour. When there is no active clocking, the timer between the play and stop buttons will remain static at '00hrs 00min' and will be greyed out.

  • Under the digital clock, a message in red will inform you how long your last clocking was.

You can choose to have the digital clock display in AM/PM format by clicking on the 12h button, or in 24 hour time by clicking on the 24h button.

If you do not have permission to access to the Clocking widget, it will appear as below:

If location logging is mandatory in your organisation's settings, but your browser does not have location access enabled, the Clocking widget will be disabled and prompt you to allow location access in your browser:

Starting and ending your lunchbreak

Once clocked in, users can start their lunchbreak by clicking the Start Break button in the Clocking widget. They can press the End Break button-which by now would have replaced the Start Break button-to continue their shift after their lunchbreak.

Users must be clocked in to start their break, otherwise, the Start Break button will not show in the widget.

Adding, hiding and editing Clocking Remarks

A remark is a brief, optional note you can attach to your clockings. Your Indigo Administrator must turn on this feature before you can use remarks.

  1. While clocked in, click Add Remark in the top right of the Clocking widget.

  2. Click on the box labeled "Enter remark here..." and type in your note.

  3. After writing your remark, click Hide Remark (Note: this does not delete your remark from the clocking.)

  4. To change your remark, click Edit Remark which will have replaced the Add Remark button. You will see your remark again, and can edit it.

  5. Press Hide Remark again when done.

To your administrator, your remarks will look like the following:

Users are not allowed to edit a remark after clocking out!

After clocking out, users may only add a remark to a new clocking pair. If you need to edit or remove a remark after clocking out, please contact your Indigo Administrator.

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