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[Administrators] Assign Clocking widget permissions to Employee Portal users
[Administrators] Assign Clocking widget permissions to Employee Portal users

Configure the Permission Sets for the Clocking widget in the Employee Portal, and enable Clocking Remarks

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The Clocking widget is a useful tool by which employees can clock in and clock out from their Employee Portal.

In order for the Clocking widget to be enabled for users of the Employee Portal, you need to enable it via Permission Sets.

Enabling the Clocking Widget

  1. In the left sidebar, click on Administration.

  2. In the Main section, click on Permission Sets.

  3. Click on the Employee Permission set

  4. Click on the Unassigned Permissions tab

  5. In the search field for Code, type TA_EmployeeClockings and tick it.

  6. Click on the Insert icon.

  7. To enable the Clocking widget, Insert must be ticked. This enables the Clocking widget, allowing employees to clock in and clock out as needed. Optional: View allows employees to see the Clockings tab in the Scheduler widget.

If the Clocking widget is not enabled, it will appear as below in the Employee Portal, notifying the user to contact the administrator for access.

Mandatory Location Capture

You can enable Mandatory Location Capture* by going to Attendance > Settings > Clockings. Click edit and tick the option, then click save.

If the user does not allow their location to be shared in their browser, the widget will not work and will appear as follows:

Please note that the location captured by the browser is an estimate.

Enabling Clocking Remarks

A remark is a brief, optional note that can be attached to a clocking.

The setting to add remarks to clockings needs to be enabled by the company's Indigo Administrator.

  1. Go to Attendance > Main > Settings.

  2. Click on Attendance, then Clockings.

  3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon.

  4. Tick 'Remarks in clocking widget'.

  5. Press Save.

This setting will allow users to add remarks in both the browser and mobile versions of Indigo.

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