Bulk Import of Pay Item Entries

Importing your Pay Item entries using Excel for a particular Payroll

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Importing Pay Item entries

On Indigo you can import all your pay item entries for a specific payroll using Excel:

  1. Go to Payroll & Leave > Main > Payrolls.

  2. Highlight the payroll you want to import the pay items into and then click the Pay Items tab on the top right.

  3. Press the Export Button from the Toolbar and click Generate Template.

  4. Open the template and you will find the following columns, some of which are required while others are optional.

Below is a glossary of all the columns, as well as an example of what the Excel sheet would look like.


  • PayRollCode: Here you will input the current payroll code.

  • EmployeeCode: The employee code must be input here.

  • Code: This column is used for telling the system that this is a new record. This should be filled in as *AUTO*.

  • PayItemCode: In the pay item code column you will determine which Pay Item you will use. You can find all your pay item codes from mainscreen > Pay Items menu.

  • Amount: The amount to be added onto the payslip.


  • CostCentreCode: In this column you must enter the Cost Centre which the overtime will be assigned to. If left empty, the system will assign the default Cost Centre of the employee.

  • Contribution: Here you can specify how many contributions of the amount input will be added to the payslip, if left empty the system will automatically allocate one contribution.

  • Date: The date of when the Pay Item has been contributed.

  • Reference: This can be used as an internal reference and does not show on any part of the payslip.

Once the pay items are input and saved, you can start importing your entries: go back to Indigo and press the import button, then upload your file. If everything is correct, the overtime should be uploaded to your system and will be ready for calculation.

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