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How do I approve Attendance Exceptions Allocations?
How do I approve Attendance Exceptions Allocations?

Approval of Attendance Exceptions Allocations

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We now have the option to set a Reward or Penalty Preset to require approval. This means when attendance exceptions are generated with a Reward or Penalty requiring approval, these entries must be approved by a user who has approval rights before they can be sent to Payroll.

Set Rewards and Penalties to Require Approval

A new setting has been added to the Rewards and Penalties screens. Simply tick the 'Requires Approval' box, located below Rules and above Priority, if the Reward or Penalty should be approved before being sent to Payroll.

Users Approval Rights

All users who have permission to edit allocations automatically have this right assigned. Should a user need it assigned manually:

  1. Go to Administration > Main > Permission Sets > Unassigned Permissions.

  2. Find the permission set as per below:

  3. Click 'Add' to add to the user's permission sets. Make sure to log out and log back in to Indigo for the change to take effect.

Changes to the Attendance Exceptions Screens

  • There are 2 new entries in the Summary Tags column:

    • Requires approval: the allocation needs to be approved or declined before it can be sent to Payroll.

    • Resolved: the allocation has either been approved or declined and the status updated. It is now ready to be sent to Payroll.

  • A new icon per Attendance Exception entry has been added, in the shape of a magnifying glass. This is the 'Open Allocation' icon and opens the Attendance Allocation modal.

  • A new option has been added to the File menu, 'Process pending approvals'. This is only visible to users with approval rights.

Approving or Declining Entries

Method 1: Clicking on the 'Open allocation' icon

Clicking on the Open allocation icon will open the Attendance Allocation modal to allow users to review the entry in detail.

The Attendance Allocation modal has several changes when viewing allocations that require approval.

  1. The entry now starts with 2 buttons for 'Approved' and 'Declined'. These will be greyed out before selection. Once a choice has been made, the selected button highlights in green for 'Approved' and in red for 'Declined'.

  2. There are 2 new tags for 'Requires approval' and 'Resolved', which are identical to the Daily Attendance grid's Summary Tags.

  3. The 'Resolved' status button has been converted to a switch and can only be updated for changes to 'requires approval' entries if i) the user has approval rights, and if ii) all visible allocations have been marked as Approved or Declined, i.e. there are none awaiting approval.

  4. There is a new button for 'Approve all & Next', which approves all entries currently visible, saves them to the system, and brings up the next set of entries. As soon as one of the entries has been approved or declined using the respective buttons, this button will no longer be available for selection.

Please note that entries requiring approval appear in colour with all options available to approving users, whereas entries requiring approval appear greyed out to users who do not have approval rights, but can still be edited or deleted by non-approving users. Any allocations that have been approved or declined cannot be modified or deleted by a user who does not have approval rights.

Method 2: Selecting 'Process pending approvals' from the File menu

Alternatively, users can review pending approvals via the option 'Process pending approvals' in the File menu.

This brings up another modal showing each entry that requires approval. Once again, the 'Open allocation' icon is available to view each entry in more detail.

Users can approve or decline entries here either by clicking on 'Approved' or 'Declined' for each entry individually:

Or by selecting several and then clicking 'Decline' or 'Approve' and then 'Submit changes' at the bottom right of the modal.

Note: any allocation entry amended by a user who does not have approval permissions will then automatically require approval upon being amended.

Users can check who approved an allocation by hovering the mouse over the selected button or outcome.

Automated Check on Send to Payroll

When clicking Send to Payroll, Indigo checks all attendance exceptions and flags any allocations that are still awaiting approval, alerting the user to the specific entries and action required. Any allocation that has been sent to payroll will then be locked for editing.

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