23rd March 2022 | Update to the default grid in Employees; time format options in Punches Details report; and others.

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Our latest update sees further standardisation of all reports in Time and Attendance, as well as some adjustments to the Indigo subscription payment screen, the Payroll Employees screen, and the hours tooltip in the Scheduler; and a few more helpful edits in both Payroll and T&A.

We have refreshed the colours on the main page and menu, just in time for Spring!

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  • The mandatory document upload is now optional when paying the Indigo subscription by bank transfer.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • We have removed the Basic Pay column from the default grid layout in the Employees screen. Please note users can still insert it manually if needed.

  • When the option for 'Show differences only' is selected in the Monthly Gross Totals report, and there are no differences to generate, Indigo will show this alert:

  • We have improved how the Electronic Lodgement handles Employees being merged when having a different Civil Status.

Time and Attendance Enhancements

  • We have added time format options to the Punches Details report:

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • The fonts and footer in all T&A reports have been standardised.

  • The budget tool in the Scheduler has been visually optimised, and fades out when nearing the Scheduler's footer so that the user can view and access the bottom rows unimpeded. It fades back in when the cursor moves away from the bottom of the grid.

  • The display of the hours tooltip in the Scheduler has been improved when clicking on employees on the bottom of the grid.

  • In Daily Allocations, clocking after midnight for a non-night shift is allocated to the correct shift.


  • The Payroll API GetEmployees has been updated to retrieve the following data:

    • Next Anniversary Date: date of employee's next work anniversary.

    • Next Birthday Age: age employee will turn on their next birthday.

    • Work Permit: remaining days till work permit expiry.

    • Probation Period: remaining days till end of probation.

    • Contract: remaining days till end of contract.

    • Termination: remaining days till termination date.

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