19th May 2022 | New options in Scheduler's Employee View, new Leave Group; more detail in several reports

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Welcome to our latest update!

The team has focused on improving various reports and existing features, while working on some great new things coming your way in the next few months - but enough spoilers for now!

This update, Payroll has a new Leave Group, some newly automated fields in the FS reports, and new columns in the Basic Pay Difference report, as well as a few fixes to minor issues. In Attendance, we have added some more options to the new Employee View in the Scheduler and improved the Scheduler's tooltip; while updating the Punches Details and Who's In reports.

Keep reading for more detail, or jump down to your preferred section using the links below:

Payroll Enhancements

  • The following changes have been made to FS reports:

    • FS5: Date of payment, payment total, and payer's full name will be automatically filled in if the fields are empty.

    • FS7: employer's position will be automatically filled in if the field is empty.

    • In the Settings screen, the Employer's Signature has been moved to Payroll Settings > Employer Settings.

  • We have added two columns for Previous Pay Effective Date and Present Pay Effective Date to the Basic Pay Difference report.

  • We have added a new Leave Group called 'Working Remotely' which users can assign to leave types.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • The Payroll calculation functions as expected when cancelling back-dated sick leave.

  • When Settings > Payslip Leave Balance Type is set to 'Period', the correct leave balance is shown on the payslip.

  • Booking Leave via the Hours Per Day field while leaving the Total Hours field empty works as expected.

Attendance Enhancements

  • We have added the following options to the Employee View in the Scheduler:

    • Hourly Pay: employees that are paid by the hour.

    • Salaried: employees with fixed hours

    • Sub-Contracted: employees that are sub-contracted.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • We have improved the Hours tooltip's behaviour when searching in the Scheduler.

  • The Punches Details report has been updated for the following scenarios:

    • Partial shift punch by employee who works on public holidays: only the hours the employee has worked will be shown.

    • Partial shift punch by employee who doesn't work on public holidays: the hours punched in by the employee will be shown in the report, while any remaining hours for the holiday will be logged automatically by the system.

    • Full shift (or including excess time) punch by employee who doesn't work on public holidays: all the hours worked by the employee are shown, and the system generated shift will be shown as a null (0 hours) row in the report.

    • No punches by employee who doesn't work on public holidays: the employee's average daily working hours (as per their work schedule profile) will be shown as a system generated punch in the report.

  • The Who's In report will now exclude terminated and non-Attendance employees.


  • We have added the following APIs:

    • GetMyAttachments: returns attachments for a specified date range for an employee, shown in alphabetical order.

    • DownloadMyAttachment: downloads a specific attachment using the file ID and the file name.

    • GetMyFS3s: returns FS3 documents for a specified date range for an employee, presented in descending chronological order from most recent to oldest.

    • DownloadMyFs3: downloads a specific FS3 using the row ID.

    • GetCorporateDocuments: returns all Corporate Documents, including folder structure, for a tenant.

    • DownloadCorporateDocument: downloads a specific corporate document using the corporate document path.

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