1st August 2022 | New Time Tracking by Project; New Timeline view in Allocations modal; New columns in Leave History report; and more

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We are very pleased to present a new set of features called Time Tracking by Project. This functionality will certainly come in handy for those users who need to keep tabs on the hours worked on different projects across their employee base. Get in touch with our team to set it up!

Another new item this update is the visual Timeline in the Daily Attendance Exceptions Allocations modal, along with some new columns added to the Leave History report.

Read on for more detail!

New Feature: Time Tracking by Project

Users can now record on which project employees have worked, via the Clocking widget and Clocking Data. This can be recorded by the employees upon clocking in and out; by administrators when amending clocking data; or automatically by a clocking device that has been configured beforehand.

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  • The system operates as expected when adding a subcontracted employee while Payroll licenses are full.

Payroll Enhancements

  • To help users identify which leave applications have been paid, we have added two new columns when extracting the Leave History report to Excel: PayRollCode and IsLeavePaid. When 'IsLeavePaid' is True, the PayRollCode is included in the report.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • In Settings, we have renamed 'Time and Attendance' to 'Attendance' to match the rest of the Attendance module.

  • The Leave Bulk Import is working as intended when importing files containing public holiday or weekend leave entries for employees whose Work Schedule Profile does not include public holidays or weekends.

  • When there is no remote work Leave Type configured, Leave Group 'Working Remotely' is not listed when users apply for leave from the Portal, as expected.

  • When ticking 'Remember Generated Settings' in the Leave History report, the default dates are for the full year.

  • Leave colours in the calendar part of the Portal's My Leave Year Planner widget are displaying as intended.

Attendance Enhancements

  • We have added a Gantt chart to the Daily Attendance Exceptions Allocations modal in the tab labelled 'Timeline'. This colourful visual shows the employee's clocking and schedule information to help users understand how the system calculates totals.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • The Clocking widget loads correctly when using Indigo's Employee Portal on Mac and iOS devices.

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