11th August 2022 | Changes to Company Image, Leave Paid Off pay item in Payrolls, Adjustments report; New Break option in Daily Attendance Profiles

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The team has developed a handful of helpful things across Payroll and Attendance for our users.

In Payroll, you can now amend Leave Paid Off more easily, the Company Image has been moved to a more intuitive place, and remarks are shown in the Adjustments report. We have added a new break option to the Daily Attendance Profiles for unscheduled attendance, as well as some expedient alerts in Daily Attendance Exceptions.

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Payroll Enhancements

  • The Company Image has been moved to Payslip Settings within the Payroll Settings menu, and the old Company Images menu item has been removed from the list.

  • When a user may have made a mistake in the pay item 'Leave Paid Off' while preparing the Payroll, they can now add the same pay item with a negative amount to cancel out the original entry.

  • Any reference remarks added to Adjustments in the Payroll now show in the Adjustments report.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • The Age field has been added to the Employees grid. Please note this column cannot be filtered or sorted due to being a calculated field.

  • In the Calculation screen, the FSS report is working as expected.

  • When an employee terminated mid-year has taken all their vacation leave, the warning for excessive leave taken compared to hours worked appears as expected in the Calculation screen.

  • Individual remarks entered into an employee's payslip show as intended when using the path Print > All to print.

  • When auto-approve is on and an employee cancels a Leave Group: Working Remotely leave request via the Portal, the cancellation is also auto-approved.

  • We have improved the responsiveness of the Calculations screen.

Attendance Enhancements

  • We have added a new option to Daily Attendance Profiles to deduct breaks from unscheduled attendance. When switched on, breaks are automatically deducted according to the configured Daily Attendance Profile Break, for those employees that have a Daily Attendance Type of 'Work Schedule Profile'.

  • When clicking 'Send to Payroll' or 'Generate Payroll Preview Report' in Daily Attendance Exceptions, if there are any entries with allocations from before the selected time range then the system will alert the user and request a confirmation.

  • We have updated the action buttons and their sequence throughout all the Attendance grids from 'View Employees', 'Edit', 'Delete', 'Copy', and 'Settings'

    to 'Settings', 'Edit', 'View Employees', 'Copy', and 'Delete'.

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