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How to autogenerate attendance based on the Scheduler
How to autogenerate attendance based on the Scheduler

Generating correct attendance via the Scheduler Attendance Calculation without importing or creating clockings

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When should I use attendance autogeneration?

Use this feature when you need to generate correct allocations and assign automatic rewards and penalties based on the shifts in your Scheduler, without importing or creating clocking data.

How do I set it up?

  1. Go to Attendance > Setup > Shift Presets.

  2. Select the shift preset for which you want to automatically generate attendance via the Scheduler.

  3. Scroll down to find the autogenerate setting between 'Work time amount tolerance' and 'Assign rewards & penalties'.

  4. Switch on the toggle for 'Automatically generate attendance if no clocking is available'.

All shifts in the Scheduler created with that preset will now have attendance generated automatically when no clocking information is available.

Switching Autogeneration On/Off for Individual Shifts in the Scheduler

This setting can be turned on or off for individual shifts from within the Scheduler itself.

  1. Select the shift you want to edit, right click on the kebab menu and click Open.

  2. The setting is in the Shift Settings tab, exactly as it shows in the Shift Presets screen. Activate it if you want to have autogenerated punches only for this shift, or deactivate it if you want to turn off autogenerated punches only for this shift.

  3. Click Update to save the changes.

  4. The shift will now be marked as detached.

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