5th October 2022 | Change project mid-punch; improvements to display of Leave Entitlement; update Leave Entitlement when terminating an employee

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This week's update is focused on Payroll, with a small but very significant new functionality in Attendance's Clocking widget.

Leave Entitlement balances per employee are now split in two for more detail, showing the balance after approval and the balance including pending leave; meanwhile when terminating an employee, it is now possible to set Indigo to update the values for their leave entitlement and balance so as to avoid any last minute surprises.

Employees punching via the Clocking widget can now change project halfway through an active clocking, or punch out and create a new clocking by selecting the project they want to work on next.

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Payroll Enhancements

  • We have replaced the Balances (hrs) column in Employees: Leave Entitlements and the Leave Entitlements support file with two columns for Balance After Approval (hrs) and Balance Including Pending Leave (hrs).

  • There is a new option to update Leave Entitlement when terminating an employee. Ticking this box updates the employee's values for entitlement and balance. When a terminated employee has used up more than their pro-rata leave entitlement, a warning is given and the entitlement value and balance do not update.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • We have improved the validation of the Payroll Finalisation process when importing via Excel and the Payroll has not been recalculated.

  • The SEPA file for BNF is fully updated as per the bank's requirements.

  • The Location support file's Description field now supports up to 100 characters.

Attendance Enhancements

  • It is now possible to change project without having to clock out first in the Clocking widget. Users will be warned that they are about to change project mid-punch, and to choose whether to create a new punch with the selected project or to only select the project.

    Choosing 'Create New Punch' will clock out of the previous punch and create a new punch under the selected project. Choosing 'Select Project Only' simply changes the project for the active clocking without clocking out.

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