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Using Document Manager

Learn how to use Document Manager

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Document Manager is a feature that allows users to store and manage files in folders on Indigo. It is split into 4 sections: My Team, All Employees, Personal, and All Documents.

Common Functions

  • Show terminated employees: toggle on or off to show or hide terminated employees. (This is not available in the Personal and All Documents sections.)

  • Add Folder: this adds a new folder to an employee's Personal section. This button is only shown when accessing an employee's Personal section by double-clicking on their entry or by clicking the arrow on the far right of their entry, and specifically through My Team and All Employees.

  • Search: allows the user to search by typing into the search bar.

  • Upload: this allows the user to upload files to Document Manager.

  • Download: this allows you to download any selected files. When a file is selected, the icon changes from grey to blue.

  • Delete: available in My Team, All Employees, and All Documents, this allows you to delete selected files.

My Team

My Team gives access to the documents of all employees within a team. This means that My Team is not essential for all users, but only those that need access to their team's documents. These could be directors, managers, department heads, team leaders, etc. (Keep in mind, your team is defined by the Organisation Chart.)

Permission: HR_DM_Myteam - View action (to be granted to users as per explanation above)

All Employees

All Employees gives Payroll users access to all employees' folders and files, as well as allowing the Payroll user to upload, download, or delete any files and create or delete folders for employees as needed.

Permission: HR_DM_Allemployees: all actions (required only by Payroll users)

Admins must double-click on an employee or click the arrow on the far right of the employee's entry to see their personal folders, as shown in the below GIF. They can then add, edit, or delete folders, or manage that specific employee's files, by uploading new ones and downloading or deleting existing ones.


This section is available for all employees, regardless of their role. This is the home for personal documents that are normally shown in the My Attachments widget. Each user only has access to their own documents here and cannot access anyone else's files or folders from this section.

Permission: HR_DM_Personal - View action (this should be activated for all employees)

All Documents

In All Documents, Payroll users can view all the documents saved in Document Manager for or by any employee.

Clicking on the three vertical dots at the end of an entry will bring up a menu with several actions:

  • Start / Stop sharing with employee: this starts or stops sharing the document with the relevant employee. Documents that are not shared with the employee have a padlock on the bottom right of the document icon in the 'Document name' column.

  • Rename: this allows you to rename a document. Clicking it greys out the screen and opens a field in which you can edit the document. Click Rename when you are done, or Cancel to exit without renaming.

  • Move: click to move the document to a different folder. Choose the new location using the modal that opens up on the right side of the screen on clicking 'Move'.

  • Edit Category: click to choose a different category for the document from the resulting modal.

  • Download: downloads the document.

  • Delete: deletes the document.

How to Upload Documents to Document Manager

After clicking the Upload button, the 'Upload document(s)' modal opens on the right of the page while the rest of the page is greyed out.

  • Step 1: Click on the box and choose the document(s) to be uploaded from the resulting File Browser popup.

  • Step 2: select the Category.

  • Step 3: After clicking 'Continue', the modal changes and will automatically close after 5 seconds, with the number counting down until the modal closes. You can then see the newly added document in the list.

Using the Document Manager Upload Widget

To upload a document via this widget:

  1. Go to Dashboards > Employee Portal.

  2. Find the Document Manager Upload widget (the position may vary from user to user).

  3. In the widget, look for the folder to which you need to upload a document and click on it.

  4. In the bottom right of the widget, the Next button will now be activated. Go ahead and click Next.

  5. Choose the appropriate category from the dropdown, then either click on the blue box to open the file browser and select your file or drag and drop the file into the blue box.

  6. Finally, click Upload.

Your file will be uploaded to the folder and will be accessible from Document Manager to admin users, your manager, and yourself.

How to Create a New Folder

The button 'Add Folder' creates a new folder for all employees, and is available in My Team and All Employees.

  1. Access any employee's list of personal folders.

  2. Click on the 'Add Folder' button.

  3. A modal will open on the right of the page. Enter a name in the 'Folder name' field and select from the 'Folder category' dropdown, then click 'Continue'.

  4. The modal will close, and a message will pop up on the bottom left of the screen informing you that a new folder has been created for all employees.

Note: 'Corporate Folder' will be available at a later date.

Which file types are supported by Document Manager?

You can upload any of the following documents or files:

  • .pdf

  • .xls, .xlsx

  • .doc,.docx

  • .ppt,.pptx

  • .jpg,.jpeg

  • .png

  • .txt

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