15th December 2022 | New Headcount reports in Insights; new My Leave Calendar; show Attendance in the Scheduler; and more

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Hi readers!

This week we have a host of betterments across Indigo, involving the Insights, HR, Payroll and Attendance modules.

In Insights, we have two new Headcount reports available for you to view your staff complement. On the HR side of things, there is a new calendar available to employees and, better still, the ability to link the Indigo Calendar to another calendar app! Payroll users who use Google Chrome as their browser can download Direct Credits files without issue. Over in Attendance, Scheduler admins will be able to see actual punches for scheduled shifts without having to navigate away from the Scheduler!

Jump down to your favourite section for more detail:

Insights Enhancements

  • We have added two new reports to the Headcount dashboard in People Insights: Headcount by Nationality and Headcount by Locality.

HR Enhancements

  • It is now possible to link any of the System Calendars in Indigo to another calendar app, such as Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar. Simply click the attachment icon to copy the calendar's iCal link, then paste it into the corresponding field of the calendar app to which you wish to link.

  • Employees can now view their own leave on the Indigo Calendar via the System Calendar 'My Leave Calendar'.

Payroll Enhancements

  • Autofill has been disabled in all fields throughout Indigo, except for the login screen.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • Indigo works as expected when downloading the Direct Credits file using the Google Chrome browser.

Attendance Enhancements

  • It is now possible to view employees' attendance within the Scheduler, via a new View Setting option called 'Show Attendance'.

  • The File menu in the Scheduler has been amended to include the following options:

    • Costings: Show Cost Centres, Calculate Costs.

    • Patterns: Assign Multiple, Clear Multiple.

    • Schedule: Import Leave, Import Schedulers, Refresh Issues, Reallocate Shifts (Proximity).

    • Reporting: Scheduler Export.

    • Attendance: Show Attendance, Calculate Week.

    • Quick Edit.

    • Print.

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