28th December 2022 | All 2023 statutory payment rates updated; all employees calculated shown in Payroll Calculation list; new Scheduler settings

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Season's greetings, readers!

For the final update of the year, we're keeping things brief.

In Payroll, we have updated Indigo with all the 2023 statutory payment rates, the employee list in the Payroll Calculation now shows all calculated employees, and there are several other improvements.

Over in Attendance, there are new Scheduler settings to help you keep track of Out of Office and Working Remotely entries for better overall visibility of your workforce.

Keep reading to learn more!

Payroll Enhancements

  • Indigo has been updated with the support records required for 2023 statutory bonus payments, as well as the new SSC, maternity leave fund, sick leave and injury benefit rates for 2023.

  • The Payroll Calculation employee list will now show any employee calculated in the payroll regardless of Termination Date, Payroll Group, Payroll Frequency or Employee Type.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • When the setting 'employee can apply for sick leave from portal' is off, employees will not be able to cancel sick leave from the Portal.

  • When viewing overlapping leave applications in the Portal, pending leave requests blink to show they await processing.

  • Values for Balance After Approval and Balance Including Pending Leave show as expected in the Leave Entitlement Export.

  • When making changes to an employee's Tax Profile, the system will alert users that the change will be applied to all payrolls for the Current Year and ask if they wish to continue or not:

Attendance Enhancements

  • There are two new options in the Scheduler settings:

    • Include 'Out of Office' in scheduler leave import

    • Include 'Working Remotely' in scheduler leave import

    When these settings are switched on, any Working Remotely and Out of Office pending or approved entries are included in the Leave Import, and are taken into consideration in Attendance Exceptions. Please note these settings are switched off by default.

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