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What is Presence?

You can view who, of the Scheduled employees, is currently signed in.

Moreover, you can contact late or sick employees and quickly edit their shift for the day, all from directly within Presence.

Users of the Device Manager feature have quasi real-time data, as the clocking devices communicate updated punches with Indigo every 15 minutes.

The Presence Screen

View Filter: situated on the left of the screen, you can view the employee list by Cost Centre, Department, Occupation, or Device.

  • Show Employees on Break as In: toggle this switch on to see employees who are on break as in, and switch it off for these employees to show as absent.

  • Refresh: click to manually refresh Presence.

  • Filter: choose what criteria to filter the data.

  • Search: click and type to search for something specific in the data.

  • Menu: the menu contains two items, 'Export Presence' and 'Who's In Report'.

    • Export Presence: click this to export the data in Presence to Excel.

    • Who's In Report: click this to generate the Who's In report.

  • Column Selector: choose which columns to view in the grid. (Available columns: Employee, Contact, State, Scheduler, Schedule Date, Clock In, Clock Out, Lateness, Cost Centre, Work Sch. Profile, Occupation)

  • Close: exit Presence and return to Indigo's main screen.

Bottom Left: Refreshed X seconds/minutes ago.

Bottom Right: Last clocking at Date Time (When the last clocking in the system was created.)

You can view by Cost Centre, and choose whether to include subcontractors and hourly paid employees or not. Filters are available to help you drill down the list in cases of large employee lists.

Auto Refresh: tick this setting to have the system refresh automatically every 5 minutes.

Employees Dropdown

  • State: Starting Soon, Running Late, In, Out, Staying Late, Starting Later, Attended, Absent, Leave, Sick, Out of Office, Working Remotely.

  • Employee Type: Fixed, Hourly Pay, Subcontracted

  • Work Schedule Type: Scheduled, Work Sch. Profile

How do I use Presence?

  1. Go to Attendance > Presence.

  2. Choose the view you wish to see in the grid from the dropdown on the left.

The grid will refresh to show the data as per the dropdown, and any other selections you may have chosen from the list or columns.

  • View Who's In and Who's Late

Green tags show states that are acceptable, while red tags show problem states.

In: This is shown by a green 'In' tag in the State column.

Absent: This is shown by a red 'Absent' State tag.

Running Late: This is shown by a red 'Running Late' State tag.

Staying Late: This is shown by a green 'Staying Late' tag in the State column.

  • Contact an Employee

Should you need to contact an employee, check the Mobile Number column for their contact.

  • Edit an Employee's Shift Quickly

For Scheduler-based employees, you can click the shift information under the Schedule* column to open its Schedule editing modal in a new tab. This allows you to modify the shift on the fly.

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