8th February 2023 | New settings for the Costings Calculations; see OFF shifts shown when approving requests in Leave widget; and more

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Greetings, readers!

Our latest update is short and sweet, with this week's progress aimed at fixing some minor issues while making the overall experience of using Indigo smoother.

Users will now be redirected to the login screen when their Insights session becomes inactive.

In the Payroll module, several improvements for the FS5 report, Global Leave Write/Pay off Utility, Payroll and Tax Profile are out.

Efforts in Attendance cover displaying OFF shift information in the Approve Leave part of the Leave widget, and new settings for the Costings Calculations so as to show a combined value for Leave in the Scheduler's Costings tooltip.

Keep reading for more detail!

Insights Fixes and Improvements

  • When a session becomes inactive while using Indigo Insights, the user is redirected to the Indigo login screen.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • When generating the FS5 report, employer names from one company are not visible on other companies on the same tenant, as expected.

  • It is now possible to filter Employees by their Payroll Type in the Global Leave Write/Pay Off utility.

  • We have improved the interface of several Payroll notifications.

  • Remarks can be pasted as usual when creating a new Payroll.

  • When assigning an employee's Tax Profile for the first time, the system no longer gives a change notification message.

Attendance Enhancements

  • In the Approve Leave modal of the Leave widget, approvers will see when an employee has an OFF schedule marked during the leave period requested.

  • There are two new settings in the Costings Calculation Settings for Basic Hours, which ensure the Costings tooltip in the Scheduler shows all combined leave under 'Leave':

    • Exclude vacation leave from basic hours

    • Exclude sick leave from basic hours

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