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Add and configure employees to Device Manager
Add and configure employees to Device Manager

Learn all about adding employees to Device Manager

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How do I add employees to Device Manager?

The very first thing to check is that the employee/s you need to add to Device Manager have 'Attendance Employee' selected in their Employee profile. If the box is not ticked, click Edit, select it, and save.

  1. Go to Device Manager > My Users.

  2. Click on Import Employees.

  3. In the next modal, search or filter for the employees you want to add and tick the checkbox for each one, then click Next.

  4. Click the Work Zone/s you wish to link the users to, then click Import Employees. Alternatively, leave the Work Zones unselected and click Import Employees right away.

  5. To see the newly added employees in the grid, click the refresh button.

Once the employees have been imported to the My Users grid, if you chose not to link them to a Work Zone from the modal then you can go ahead and add them to one now.

How do I assign a user to a Work Zone?

Before an employee can log in or out via any of the clocking devices linked to Device Manager, they must be assigned to a Work Zone.

  1. Select the user in the grid.

  2. Scroll down to the 'Additional Info' box to see if they are attached to any Work Zones.

  3. There are two buttons that will allow you to attach the user to a Work Zone:

    1. Attach

    2. Modify Work Zones

  4. Clicking either button will open the 'Attach Users' modal. Select the Zone you want to attach the user to, and then click Modify.

  5. This will bring up the below confirmation box, click Confirm.

The Work Zone will now show in the user's 'Additional Info'.

Once the user is attached to a Work Zone, their information and biometrics (if any are in the system) will automatically be sent to all devices within the Work Zones selected.

Please note, a user can be linked to multiple work zones.

To send a user's data to a Work Zone that they are not yet attached to, follow the same steps for attaching a new user to a Work Zone and in the 'Attach User' modal simply tick the required Work Zone and press Modify.

How do I send employees to a device?

Once you have added an employee to the My Users grid and attached them to a Work Zone, you need to send the employee's user data to the device/s.

  1. Go to Device Manager > My Device.

  2. Select the required device. In the 'Additional Info' box, click the Functions menu and select Send Data.

  3. A new entry will be listed in the 'Activity' grid. You can check the status of the command being sent to the device. (If you prefer, you can also see this via Device Manager > Device Activity.)

When the Status is listed as 'Successful', the user's data will be on the device. Users with biometrics will be able to clock in using the device right away, as long as they have just one biometric saved (password, card, fingerprint, palm, face).

How do I add biometrics for a new employee?

When onboarding a new employee, you will need to add their biometrics before they can clock in using the devices. An admin user will need to physically log on to the device to set up the new user's biometrics.

Follow the instructions on the below links depending on the device model installed:

After the biometrics are added, they will be linked to that user and saved on that device. The device then automatically sends the biometrics to Indigo. When Indigo receives the biometrics from the device, it then sends it to all other devices in the Work Zone to which the user is saved.

To check that the biometrics have been received on Indigo:

  1. Go to Device Manager > My Users.

  2. Search for the user in the grid.

  3. Under the 'Biometrics' column, any biometric data saved will be shown with a green icon. If there is no data available for one of the icons, that icon will show in grey.

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