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What is Device Manager?

Indigo's Device Manager is a complete solution that handles all interactions between the Indigo platform and clocking devices. Using this feature, you can register devices, store employee biometric information and punch data, and synchronise information from one device to another.

Accessing Device Manager

Permissions for Device Manager are set up either manually by the installation technician or automatically by the device/s once the installation is completed.

Where is Device Manager located in Indigo?

Device Manager can be found in Attendance > Main.

Setting up Devices on Device Manager

Devices are set up on site by our installation technician and configured by our technical support.

The Main Sections of Device Manager

Device Manager has five main sections: My Devices, My Users, Work Zones, Device Activity, and Settings.

My Devices

From My Devices, you can view your devices, pause or reactivate a device, change its name, or delete it, as well as carry out several actions and monitor device activity.

My Users

In My Users, you can view, add, edit and delete employees, create and edit users, and view individual users' clocking activity and access information. Learn about adding and configuring employees in Device Manager here.

Work Zones

A Work Zone is made up of a group of devices, such as all the devices in one building.

On this screen you can create, edit, delete, or view your Work Zones, or link more devices to a Work Zone.

Device Activity

You can view your devices' details in the My Devices grid and monitor your devices' activities using the Activity grid in Device Activity.


Manage your device settings from the Settings screen. You can choose how long to keep device data activity for, how often the devices and Device Manager should communicate with, or poll, each other, whether to send users to your devices before their employment date or not, and even assign new Punch State IDs to clock-ins and clock-outs instead of the default ones.

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