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22nd March 2023 | Improvements in Payroll, Basic Pay, Pay Items reports; terminations in Organisation Chart and Scheduler

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Hello readers,

This week in Payroll, we have several improvements to the Payroll, Basic Pay and Pay Items reports, as well as further enhancing the Organisation Chart and simplifying the process of creating sub-contracted employees.

In a combined effort between Payroll and Attendance, terminating employees now deletes their future shifts from the Scheduler.

Keep reading to learn more!

Payroll Enhancements

  • It is now possible to send any Payroll report via email as an Excel or PDF attachment, or as a link.

  • We have added new fields to the Payroll Detailed report:

    • Also Known As (this has been placed in column B, after the Employee Name & Surname)

    • Location Code (in column L, after the Unit Description)

    • Location Description (in column M, before the Grade Code)

  • The Employee Termination Date is a new field available in the export of both Basic Pay report and Pay Items report.

  • Terminated employees in the Organisation Chart show faded out, while active employees are shown in full colour.

  • In the Employee screen, it is now possible to create an employee without an employment date while enabling the 'Default basic pay item' field, and fill in Basic Pay. This is useful for entering subcontracted employees in Indigo without having to fill in several extra fields.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • In the Organisation Chart, general or limited partners are not listed as parents of their partnered employees.

  • The transaction reference or 'TNX remark' has been replaced in MeDirect's SEPA file.

  • Empty folders in Corporate Documents show correctly as folders rather than files.

  • The checkboxes' text in the Heat Map have been aligned.

  • The 'Share with employee' switch in Document Manager's 'Upload document(s)' panel has been aligned.

  • In the Import Export Audit, the bottom right corner of the screen now shows the file to be imported or exported instead of 'Open Document Manager'. The file is downloaded and opened with a single click.

Attendance Enhancements

  • When entering a termination date in an employee's profile, all scheduler entries for that employee from that date onwards are deleted. On entering the termination date, the following information message will pop up: 'Modifying Termination Date Please note: Changing an employee's termination date will delete all scheduler associated data relating to that employee from that date onwards.'

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