16th May 2023 | Changes to the Global Leave Entitlement, Clocking Map View, new option to Clocking Details report; and more

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Hello readers!

While developing some hearty features for you to sink your teeth into in upcoming releases, the Indigo team has prepared a more concise update for you this week.

The Global Leave Entitlement tool in Payroll has been tweaked, along with several improvements in the Out of Office widget, Payroll Calculation and Payslip.

The Clocking Map View in Attendance has a new view and some small changes, and the Clocking Details report has a new option to include Out of Office and Working Remotely entries.

Read on to get all the details!

Platform Fixes and Improvements

  • Creating a new user by copy and pasting an existing one works as expected.

Payroll Enhancements

  • We have updated the Global Leave Entitlement function to show employees for whom 'Pro Rata Leave' and 'Pro Rata Leave on Extra Hours Only' are set in their Work Schedule Profile as either both false or both true.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • When applying for sick leave via the Out of Office widget in the Employee Portal, the fields in the form are only enabled when the 'Applicant' field is filled in.

  • Deleting multiple Basic Hours, Overtime, and/or Pay Item entries in the Payroll Calculation functions as expected.

  • The Payslip Preview in the Calculation refreshes as expected after adding, editing or deleting Basic Hours.

  • When the Payslip setting 'Show grouped basic hours in payslip' is unticked, the Payslip shows each basic hour entry on an individual line, as intended.

Attendance Enhancements

  • There are several changes to the Clocking Map View feature:

    • Users with no subordinates will not see the 'My Team' tab in the Employees Container, and their own user will be selected by default.

    • You can now switch between Map view and Satellite view.

    • The location marker has been changed from a pinpoint to a pushpin to better distinguish between locations and clockings markers on the map.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • We have added a new option to the Clocking Details report to include Out of Office/Working Remotely entries.

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