14th June 2023 | Include own leave in Heat Map; Multiple improvements to Device Manager, Scheduler, Who's In report, Clocking Data; and more

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Hello readers,

The team has prepared a host of good things across Indigo:

All reports throughout Indigo can now be sent to multiple email addresses.

You can now choose to view your own leave in the Leave Heat Map, thanks to a new filter option.

In Attendance, Device Manager has a bushel-load of tweaks and things that improve the overall performance and experience of the feature, while the Scheduler, Who's In report, and Clocking Data screen each have something new.

Read on for full details!


  • Indigo has a new error page.

  • When using the Send Report function, it is now possible to send a report by email to multiple email addresses, by separating each address with a semi-colon and a space (e.g. ; ).

Insights Enhancements

  • When clicking on an Insights chart containing the employee code, the details popup now shows the employee name.

Payroll and Leave Enhancements

  • It is now possible to include or exclude your own leave in the Leave Heat Map, whether viewing entries by My Team or All, thanks to a new option.

Payroll and Leave Fixes and Improvements

  • When the 'Limit payslip to display on one page' option is ticked in the Payslip setting, the Payslip prints correctly.

  • Overtime hours are shown as expected when using reallocation of costs in the Payroll Detailed report.

  • Clicking once on an entry in Leave Type Priorities is working as intended.

Attendance Enhancements

  • It is now possible for admin users to restrict permission to other users for the Scheduler option to 'Automatically generate attendance if no clocking is available'. This means the option will only show in the screen if the user's permission TA_SchedulerAutoGenerateAttendance is switched on.

  • The Who's In report now shows a message in the header if any devices are marked as paused or inactive in Device Manager.

  • There is a new menu option to 'Add Clockings Remarks' in the Clocking Data screen. It is also possible to add remarks to multiple clockings at the same time.

  • There are multiple enhancements related to Device Manager:

    • The activity grids across Device Manager should now load data faster.

    • You can now link a newly imported employee to a work zone directly from the My Users screen.

    • There is a new setting that allows the sending of information to the devices when employees newly created in Device Manager have a future employment date.

    • It is now possible to delete multiple activities at once in the Device Activity screen. Simply select the activities you wish to delete, and click the new Delete button.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • Sick Leave is shown in the Scheduler Export report as expected.

  • We have various Device Manager improvements:

    • The Reprocess Activities button is only enabled when activities are selected from the grid, as expected.

    • Several visual betterments have been made across Device Manager to icons, font alignment, and similar.

    • When there is no data to show in the Compatible Devices modal, the message 'No Data' will be displayed for clarification.

    • Error messages on Reprocessing Activities have been updated to help users better identify the issue.

    • Linking individual employees to several work zones works as intended.

    • The activity grids can now be filtered by 'In Progress' Status.

    • The employees list is displayed as expected when searching for an employee to link in My Users and Modify Employees.

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