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27th June 2023 | New! Email notification when Basic Pay is edited; download Payslip from Preview; see Clocked Out time clearly; and much more

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Hello readers,

Our Payroll users will be pleased with a new setting that allows you to send an email notification when an employee's Basic Pay is edited, and all Portal users will be happy with the new shortcut that allows them to download their payslip from the Payslip Preview without having to exit it first.

Users should be aware that the action buttons throughout the Attendance module have been standardised so that all negative action buttons are on the left and positive actions buttons are on the right. Example: 'Cancel' buttons will now always be on the left while 'Save' buttons will now always be on right.

Scheduler users can now see employees' actual time spent clocked out more clearly, thanks to the new Clocked Out section in the Clocking Data modal. Attendance users will also be able to edit the Cost Centre of an employee with Daily Attendance type 'Work Schedule Profile' before sending their Attendance Exceptions to Payroll. Meanwhile, our Device Manager team have added and improved a plethora of things across the feature!

Read on to learn more.

Payroll Enhancements

  • There is a new option under Payroll Settings > Employee Settings that enables sending an email to one or more email addresses when an employee's Basic Pay has changed.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • We have added a new Download button to the Payslip Preview so that the Payslip can be downloaded directly from within the preview screen.

  • The tax arrears field (D3) is being included in the total tax deductions (D4) calculated in the FS3, as expected.

  • We have amended the remark relating to SSC on the Payroll Calculation for employees aged 65 and over.

Attendance Enhancements

  • In the Scheduler, we have added a Clocked Out section to the Clocking Data modal. This section, written in red text, shows the start and end time of the clock-out, as well as the total amount of time spent clocked out.

  • In Daily Attendance Exceptions, it is now possible to change an employee's Cost Centre in the Allocations modal for employees of Daily Attendance type: Work Schedule Profile, before sending the Attendance Exceptions to Payroll.

  • There are several enhancements in Device Manager:

    • In My Users, if there is no data to be shown or if no work zone has been selected, then an animation with the message 'No clockings to show. If no Work Zones are selected, select a work zone to view clockings.' is displayed instead of the Clocking Activity grid.

    • You can now choose a work zone to link employees to within the Import Users modal while first importing them into Device Manager.

    • When paused devices send data to Device Manager, this is now registered as pending and will be processed as usual once the device is reactivated.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • All positive and negative action buttons throughout the Attendance module have been swapped round, with the negative action button placed on the left and the positive action button set on the right. This means that if modals previously showed e.g. Save buttons on the left and Cancel buttons on the right, they have now switched places, with Cancel on the left and Save on the right.

  • The icon for every Save button across the Attendance module has been updated to show the traditional saving symbol, a floppy disk.

  • The Recalculate icon in the Attendance Exceptions menu has been standardised to match the rest of the icons in the same menu.

  • In the Scheduler, the transition of the Clocking Data tooltip when clicking from one employee's clocking tooltip to another's has been improved.

  • The hiding behaviour of the budgeting widget in the Scheduler has been improved.

  • We have an array of improvements for Device Manager:

    • Linking and unlinking a user to or from an employee is working as expected.

    • The 'Import Clockings' function works as intended in My Devices.

    • When deleting a biometric, this is deleted from each device that previously had that biometric saved.

Quick Fixes and Minor Updates

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