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12th July 2023 | Weekly birthdays email; calculate Statutory Bonus by % or pro-rata; Off shifts Rewards; new Punches setting in Device Manager

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Hello readers,

This week the development team has prepared a raft of useful enhancements all across Indigo.

We have a new and improved expired session page to clearly show users when their session has timed out. In HR, you can now send a weekly birthdays list by email, and in Payroll you can now choose how the Government Statutory Bonus is worked out, whether by percentage or on a pro-rata basis. Meanwhile in Attendance, admins can assign Rewards to Off shifts, while Device Manager users will benefit from several visual changes to Devices cards, as well as being able to set new codes to Clock-in and Clock-out Punches across the entire tenant. And, of course, lots of minor improvements.

Keep reading for more detail!

Platform Enhancements

  • We have a new page informing users when their Indigo session has expired and asking them to login again.

HR Enhancements

  • There is a new Employees Setting that enables sending a weekly email with all the employee birthdays for the coming week.

Payroll Enhancements

  • Users can now choose how the Statutory Bonus is worked out in the system, whether by percentage or pro-rata. Enter the desired percentage in the Statutory bonus % column or tick the Pro-rata column as needed.

  • The warning message for when a negative amount has been amended to 0 in the Calculation has been changed to 'Employee has 0 net pay'.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • In the Leave widget, the list of leave awaiting approval is now displayed by date order.

  • In Cancelled Leave Requests, we have clarified the wording of the email notification template to the authoriser for pending leave requests that have been cancelled.

  • The SSC amount shows as expected in the Payroll report.

  • The leave entitlement to date for employees with reduced hours is shown as expected in the Leave Accruals report.

  • The Net Pay field has been added to the Basic Pay API.

Attendance Enhancements

  • It is now possible to assign Rewards to 'off' shifts, such as when an 'off' shift falls on a public holiday.

  • The following changes have been made to show when a device in Device Manager has issues:

    • Pressing 'Pause' on a device's card will change the card's action icons to grey, to better show that the device is inactive.

    • The bottom of the device card now shows if the device is Online or Offline, instead of Online of Inactive.

    • If a device does not poll for more than one hour, it will be marked as Offline and the card will show how long it has been Offline for.

  • It is now possible for Device Manager users to assign their own code to Clock-In and Clock-Out Punch States for their whole tenant, thanks to a new setting called 'Punch State IDs'.

  • The Who's In report has a new column for Location, and so can now be grouped by Location.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • In Device Manager, when a device user is not linked with an employee, the following error message will be displayed: 'Device user is not linked with an employee, clocking cannot be processed.'

  • In the Clocking Data's 'Delete Multiple Clockings' modal, changing a column's sort order works as expected.

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