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Skills & Training's Employee Dashboard
Skills & Training's Employee Dashboard

Learn how to view individual employees' Skills & Training dashboards

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Accessing Individual Employees' Dashboards

You can access an employee's Skills & Training dashboard by going to My Team (if they are your subordinate in the Organisation Chart) or All Employees, and then selecting the employee required. This will take you to the employee's dashboard within the feature.

To access an employee's dashboard, you can either click on the arrow on the far-right end of their grid entry, or double-click on their entry.

If you need to go back to the grid view, you can either click on the menu icon or click on 'Home' in the breadcrumb menu in the top-left of the screen.

The Employee Dashboard

This screen is made up of several widgets: Employee Details, Languages, Training & Certifications, and Skills.

Employee Details

The Employee Details widget contains the employee's profile picture, main details, and a button to take you to their individual Employees form.

The employee's main details include:

  • Employee Name and Surname

  • Employee Code

  • Company

  • Job Title

  • Department

  • Cost Centre

Click on the icon in the top right of the Employee Details widget to go to the employee's form in HR > Employees.

The next widget is covered in the article Skills & Training: the Languages widget.

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