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Skills & Training: the Languages widget
Skills & Training: the Languages widget

Learn how to use the Languages widget in the Skills & Training module's Employee Dashboard

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The Languages widget

The Languages widget allows you to input data for languages the employee knows, along with their level of fluency in speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing.

Inside the widget itself are entries for each language. Each entry shows the language name and associated flag on the left, with sliders to adjust the level for each area of language knowledge taking up the middle and right. The Delete icon is in the top right of each language entry.

The fluency for each area of language knowledge is graded using Europass Language Levels, as follows:

  • A1-A2: Beginner and Elementary

  • B1-B2: Intermediate and Upper Intermediate

  • C1-C2: Advanced and Proficient.

You can click on the ? tooltip in the top right of each language entry to view the explanation for each level.

The total number of languages selected is shown above the top right of the Languages widget.

Before adding a language, the Languages widget will show a rotating Earth and the message 'No languages selected yet. Please select at least one language.' followed by the button Let's go. Click the button to get started.

Adding a Language

  1. To add a language:

    1. For the first language to be recorded for an employee, press the Let's Go button.

    2. If at least one language entry is already recorded in the widget for the employee, then press the + Add another button.

  2. The widget will show a search bar and a list of all languages that can be added. The first 6 languages are the most commonly spoken in Malta, followed by all other languages in alphabetical order. You can find a specific language by typing it into the search field or by scrolling through the list.

  3. Click on a language to select it. You can choose several languages at the same time.

  4. Once you have clicked on all the languages you want to add, press Make Selection.

  5. The widget will show you individual entries for each language you selected. For each language, click and drag the button of each slider to enter the employee's fluency in Speaking, Comprehension, Reading and Writing.

  6. After setting all the sliders for each language, click Update. You will know the data has been saved when the Update button is faded out and unclickable.

Deleting a Language

  1. To delete a language, press the bin icon on the language entry you want to delete.

  2. Indigo will ask for confirmation that you wish to delete the specific language. Click Delete to go ahead.

  3. The entry will be removed from the widget.

Editing a Language

Should you need to amend an employee's language fluency level, you can do so at any time. Simply adjust the slider for the language area that needs to be edited and then press Update.

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