26th July 2023 | New grouping for various Payroll reports; new heatmap for Scheduler; send and receive data for selected users in Device Managers

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Hello readers,

Our latest update is concise, but chock full of useful improvements and visual tweaks that are sure to make your Indigo experience better.

First up, you can now choose to send the weekly birthday email to specific email addresses instead of to the whole company. Next, Payroll users will be happy to know that various Payroll reports can be grouped by payroll now, too! Over in Attendance, users can set the Scheduler to show a heatmap to help easily identify discrepancies between rostered hours and standard weekly hours; in Device Manager, you can now send and receive data for particular users from My Devices; and the Clocking Summary report has a new setting that allows users to include unworked public holiday hours in the total hours.

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Platform Enhancements

  • The new logout and session expired pages have had some minor changes to the text and the Home button.

HR Enhancements

  • We have added an option to the birthday email notification settings that allows users to insert email addresses when they wish to alert only a select few employees, rather than the whole company. Leave this box empty to send the email to all employees.

Payroll Enhancements

  • The following reports across Payroll can now be grouped by payroll:

    • Adjustments

    • Basic Hours

    • Benefits

    • Contributions

    • Maternity Leave Fund

    • Overtime

    • Unions & Deductions

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • In Electronic Lodgements, the icon in the download button has been refreshed with a new colour and size tweak.

  • Unpaid Leave is shown as expected in the Payroll Details report.

  • In the Leave Situation report, remarks display as intended when selected 'Show remarks'.

  • The page title and icon have been realigned in the Employee Portal.

  • We have reworded the error message given when leaving certain fields empty while setting up an employee's bank to generate a SEPA file.

Attendance Enhancements

  • We have added the option to include unworked public holiday hours in the total hours of the Clocking Summary report.

  • There is a new view setting in the Scheduler that allows users to easily spot when an employee has more or less rostered hours than their standard weekly hours, thanks to a new heatmap indicator shown in the 'Basic hrs Overtime' column. Red indicates a negative difference, blue shows a positive difference and green shows no difference. The darker the blue or red, the smaller the difference, while the brighter the blue or red, the greater the difference.

  • It is now possible to retrieve and send data for selected users in Device Manager.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • In the Clocking Data grid, entries are shown once, as expected.

  • The Source In and Source Out fields display as intended in the Clocking Data screen.

  • The text in the 'View Options' button in the Scheduler has been adjusted to fit.

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