9th August 2023 | New! Work Permit expiry email; new download tools in Payroll History; Clocking Map View changes; Device Manager changes, & more

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Hello readers,

Let's dive right into this week's release!

Our Payroll team have prepared several new tools in the Employees' Payroll History tab, each related to downloading payslips or FS3s; and, to continue our efforts to help you stay on the ball with important dates, they have added new settings that will alert you before an employee's work permit expires. There is also a new SEPA file, and a couple of improvements to Electronic Lodgements and the Leave Request Audit.

Meanwhile, our Attendance team have been busy updating visuals and improving intuitive behaviour in the Clocking Map View, as well as developing a whole host of enhancements throughout the various screens in the Device Manager feature.

Keep reading for all the details.

Payroll Enhancements

  • There are three new taskbar tools in Employees > Payroll History:

    • Download selected payslips individually (all chosen payslips are downloaded as individual files)

    • Download selected payslips merged (all chosen payslips are downloaded as one file)

    • Download all FS3s.

  • There is a new option in Payroll's Employee Settings that enables an email notification to be sent when an employee's work permit is close to expiring. You can specify which email addresses should receive the email, as well as how many days before the expiry the email should be sent out.

  • We have added a SEPA file for the company called Moneybase.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • In the Electronic Lodgement, importing files works are expected.

  • The Insert + icon in the taskbar behaves as expected in the Leave Request Audit.

Attendance Enhancements

  • The Clocking Map View has a number of important visual changes:

    • New design for Markers: clocking markers are now larger with a clockface motif in the middle.

    • Clocking Pair Markers: when a matching clock-in and clock-out happen within 10 metres of each other, these are now combined in a dual coloured marker.

    • Enhanced intuitive behaviour: clicking on a map marker will now automatically filter the grid to show the corresponding clocking data, and vice versa when clicking on an individual clocking data entry in the grid.

  • The following additions have been made to Device Manager:

    • A new field for Location has been added to the Edit Device modal in My Devices, so you can now edit a device's Location at any time.

    • The day after a user's termination date, the user will automatically be removed from all devices they were linked to and deleted from Device Manager, and ensuring the licence they were taking up will be free for a new user.

    • The Create Users function in My Users has been updated as follows:

      • You can now choose the number of users to create.

      • In the resulting form, you can either leave the rows as they are or edit the Name, Password and Card fields to create specific users.

      • You can then choose which Work Zones to link the new users to within the same modal.

    • We have improved the Additional Info grid in My Users to prompt you with the correct action when no user has been selected.

    • We have added a new column for Department to the Device Users grid in My Users, which allows admins to filter by Department, as well as select all users of a particular Department so as to update their Work Zone at one go.

    • When selecting a work zone in Work Zones, there is a new tab called 'Linked Device Users' showing all users linked to that work zone in the grid.

    • The information in the Activity grid in Device Activity can now be exported to Excel, including any filters set by the admin.

    • Notifications showing when a process is in progress and has finished have been added across multiple screens in Device Manager.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • When selecting multiple users to attach to a Work Zone in Device Manager, the chosen users' Work Zones are updated accordingly.

  • In Device Manager, the Import Users grid loads as expected when there is a large amount of data to be shown.

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