19th September 2023 | New filtering in Attendance Exceptions; new actions in Device Manager's Work Zones; improved Scheduler Publishing permissions

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Hello readers!

This week's release is lighter in HR and Payroll updates and heavy on Attendance enhancements.

In HR, Document Manager has clearer, more specific messages when deleting anything. While on the subject of messages, Payroll's Employees has a new warning if you attempt to save a subcontracted T&A employee without setting a default cost centre.

And for the Attendance module, Attendance Exceptions has a new filtering system to help you drill down the information in the grid; Work Zones in Device Manager has added functionality in the Linked Device Users tab; and last but not least, you can now give different levels of access to the Schedule Publishing actions to users, thanks to a new permission with several rights combinations.

Sink your teeth into the details below!

HR Fixes and Improvements

  • We have improved the confirmation messages when deleting files and folders in Document Manager as follows:

    • 'Folder(s) (containing files across employees) will be deleted forever. Folder(s) will be deleted for all employees. Do you want to continue?'

    • 'Folder(s) (containing no files) will be deleted forever. Folder(s) will be deleted for all employees. Do you want to continue?'

    • 'File(s) selected will be deleted forever. Do you want to continue?'

Payroll Enhancements

  • In Employees, when saving a subcontracted employee who is also a T&A employee, the system will warn you if there is no default cost centre set.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • When a Payslip is published and sent to an employee, the Delivery Status updates as expected.

  • The 'Replace' function in the Basic Hours part of the Calculation works as intended when importing to Excel.

Attendance Enhancements

  • We have a new filtering system in the Attendance Exceptions screen. Besides filtering the grid for different types of Attendance records, you can now also filter by Cost Centre, Department and Occupation. You can also switch on live filtering, which allows the grid to update instantly with whatever filters you select, without having to refresh the grid.

  • In Device Manager, you can now attach or detach one or more users to or from a Work Zone directly within the Work Zones screen, without having to go to My Users.

  • We have added a new permission, TA_SchedulerPublishing, that allows administrators to set different levels of access to Schedule Publishing, as follows:

    • No actions enabled: the user can only view published shifts in the Scheduler.

    • Only View action enabled: the user can see both draft and published shifts.

    • View, Insert, Update actions enabled: the user can view drafts and published shifts, as well as publish shifts themselves.

    • View, Insert, Update, Delete actions are enabled: the user can view drafted and published shifts, and publish and unpublish shifts themselves.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • The Page Break Type for 'After All Group Levels' in the Who's In report is working as expected.

  • Published shifts show as expected in the Indigo Mobile app.

  • The Map Detail slider in the Clocking Map View's Preferences has been calibrated to be even more accurate.

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