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Access a Shift's Attendance Exceptions within the Scheduler
Access a Shift's Attendance Exceptions within the Scheduler
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Accessing an individual shift's Attendance tab in the Schedule modal

  1. Go to Attendance > Main > Scheduler.

  2. Select a shift.

  3. Click on the shift's vertical three-dot menu and select 'Open' or press CTRL+Enter on your keyboard.

  4. This will open the Schedule modal. Go to the 'Attendance' tab.

Here you can view any clockings or allocations already calculated for the shift, if any are available.

Calculating an individual shift's Attendance Exceptions via the Shift Settings modal

  1. Click the Update and Recalculate or Recalculate button, depending on whether the shift has already been calculated or not.

  2. Click Update & Recalculate or Recalculate on the confirmation message.

The tab will load with updated clocking and allocation information for that shift.

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